Great photos of YOU or your CHILD’S best active moments.

Welcome, we are not yet finished but feel free to browse

This is a development site for Active Illustrated. I am so excited and can’t wait to share some photo’s. My brother Benny and I are trying out different themes and layouts for the upcoming official website.

If You do wander into this place, firstly feel very welcome!

We will be posting up and coming photo shoot dates and venues in this post but for now see below;

Secondly bear with us, as we mentioned it is a development site and it will have these quirks among others:

  • Poor layout – we are testing different themes and layouts and the site i still in brainstorm mode.
  • Menus may not work – ideas come up and are thrown away at lightning speed.
  • Images, logos and other graphical objects apperar and disappear/are edited – If You find a picture You like it may be gone next time You visit the site, but hey – that means that ugly (bad edited, never actually ugly ones here)  pictures also may disappear so it can be a good thing 😉
  • Site may be totally down – maintenance, total remaking are just two of many possible reasons this testsite may be unavailable.

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