Ken WillnerKen bnetball-actionegan taking interest in sports photography when his son and daughter started participating in sports. After a short time parents asked Ken if he could take photos of their children whilst competing in sports.

2016 Ken developed Active illustrated to provide the same opportunity for all families who wish to have a photo capturing the fun and intensity of a great sporting moment.

Active illustrated is a part time photography business in Adelaide. While most professional photographers are committed to sports involving paid athletes in national or highest state level sports, Ken dedicates his weekends taking photos for parents with children involved with junior sport.

To cover some of the cost involved there is a small charge per photo.

Active illustrated has also developed some unique personalised products available for sale.

For more information call Ken 0418 848521 or email

Check out Active illustrated Facebook page.


Provide opportunities for families to obtain excellent photos of their children in active moments capturing intensity, passion and enjoyment.